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by Siege Vonholy



life... Time... and Death, three pillars that hold each once's reality of  Love, we seem to think each reality is to one's perspective, if so, is there an ultimate truth...? Well I ask you this... Do you want me to give you the truth? or just a good answer?

Through a journey led by a young couple, as their life's breakthrough the supernatural boundaries of love, as they fight through the villains of time... revealed by a testimony of a man's love... for her, to eternity. As their souls are gripped through a hurricane of War, secrets and Death, twisting and turning past the Glory of Heaven, all the way down to the darkest depths of Hell... All in pursuit... of Her. 

From the day she met a violently bruised young boy, laid against a tree as she was walking deep in the woods, with a wild black mustang staring back at the boy from a distant, She quickly realized the cause of this young boy's bloody scars and blackberry colored bruises were the stallion's doing. She then laid her hands over his shoulders and said...

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