Love Letters From Hell By Siege Vonholy – Chapter 1 – Preview

Dear : God With Us




On the coast near a deep, dark maple wooded forest, on the horizon of a sunset eve as the light resembled fire, weaving its way through the howling wind, while slowly dancing with the leaves, watching the sun submit slowly to the forces of time. The forest floor inked with tears of a young boy she found laid against a hallow tree plagued in scars, along his arms to his shoulders, as she was walking alone in the woods. With her hand over his shoulder, she asked the young boy “What happened?” His jaw was swollen shut with blueberry coloured completions, painted alongside his neck, shoulders, lips and arms, but with little strength he had, he points out into the darkness, towards a wild black oil coloured Mustang, standing out in the distance, she quickly realized the boy had been kicked in the face multiple times by the brute force of the beast, she quickly asked while soul shaken by the encounter,

surviving on bravery alone, if the boy was OK. The boy just slightly smiled, while still gazing towards the black stallion, as though it were a standoff between spirit and flesh, just as it raised its legs in the air, while breathing its lungs in and out, consuming the vocal cords of nature, before running off, disappearing into the darkness, hidden behind the harvest of trees. She said her name was Nevaeh, and he responded with lowering his head down to the muddy sand, and wrote his name Edvin, with his fingers dry with the blood wiped from his dripping lips “My family and I have just set up camp in the forest nearby, we can help you or take you to the hospital or something?” She took his silence for no resistance and helped him up, and walked him to the campsite. Nevaeh’s parents had left to retrieve a few loads of bags from their car, parked almost a half a mile away from the campsite, and only her older sister was there to meet them in shock. She sat him down on a log bench near the campfire, which was still to be lit by her older sister, Nevaeh then ran into one of the tents, and quickly began looking for the medical bag, her parents had packed along with the luggage before they left, which she had mercilessly thrown to the luggage waste, Nevaeh’s older sister, kept screaming out to her "It’s near my purple suitcase, right in the back of the tent!” She hurried back as they both attended the silent young boy with a glass jaw. Once they realized the only true damage was his jaw, they eased into noticing the young boy was quite violent in features framing his brute charm. He had very light brown skin, strong cheek bones, three tiny perfectly



placed beauty marks on his forehead as though tattooed to the position of 7, gripping eyes to his light brown short curly hair. The sister’s parents arrived back and the sisters both quickly explained their encounter, with the still silent young boy gazing out towards the forest. The young boy stood up and immediately collapsed to the ground, Nevaeh and her father quickly picked him up and quickly drove the young boy to the town hospital. The doctor explained, apart from the young boy being unconscious, his jaw was not broken, but had injured the muscles around his neck and jaw, the young boy’s injured swollen throat muscles, made it too hard to breath let alone speak a single word “This would take a few days for him to heal, but we will keep him here over night to monitor him” Said the doctor towards Nevaeh and her father. Nevaeh persisted to see the young stranger, about the same age as herself, as he lay quietly on top of the hospital bed. Then one day while she was sitting on one of the hospital chairs near the window, she fell asleep beside the bed he slept in... In a smooth voice, she woke up to hearing... "Beautiful"... The young boy had woken up while she was asleep. He had watched her silent music, her long smooth natural black curly hair, skin matching his own with tiny poker dotted freckles at the bottom of her eyes, beauty marked left jaw, an image to satisfy existence and that first word was in response...


She woke up in response...

- “What?” She said.

- “Beautiful... you...” He said.

- “You’re finally talking...” She replied.

- “I'm sorry you found me this way” He said.

- “That’s OK...” She said “Your name is Edvin right?”

- “Yeah” Replied Edvin.

- “What were you doing in the forest that day?” She asked.

- “The Mustang” Edvin replied.

- “Did it attack you?” Said Nevaeh.

- “No...” He replied “I was trying to ride it... I've been trying to gain its trust for a while now.... and this is not my first hospital visit caused by him...”

- “Why are you so persistent to ride that horse? She asked.

- “Because it saved my life...” He said “But that's a story for another age... You’re new in town, right?”

- “Yeah we just bought a vineyard in the area” She replied “Were planning on sticking around... Is it that obvious I'm an outsider?”

- “I just haven’t seen a face like yours before” He said. - “....” She had no reply.

They continued their connection of thoughts and grew up together as a pair of troubled teen’s as one of the locals. From boys to men best friends in love, but with a jealous older sister, demonizing their existence.... They walked the beach at eve.... Hidden encounters between the grape vines for love.... He loved slow sunny days on the hill side under the oak tree, while she painted the landscape, while he dragged his pencil over dozens of white music staff paper, scoring melodies to the sound of the near ocean waves.

“A piece of light violently duplicating roses. Music to the smile this view is life from golden, to gravity holding my soul reflecting True love.... My beautiful tragedy of falling” Edvin said while thinking to himself.

- “What...” Said Nevaeh “Why are you staring at me like that... What were you thinking about? She asked in that same moment”

- “...You...Only you...”

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