Top 3 Streetwear fashion brands

Edwin Vonholy

Edwin Vonholy grabs inspiration from fashion runways and the edge of the street. Alternating between tropical, geometric surrealism, and black-and-white graphics, what’s great about Edwin Vonholy is that the brand doesn’t hesitate to call on different styles while still staying true to a world of its own.

What Edwin Vonholy has maintained its uniqueness by combining fashion with clever art, photography, and branding, including skeletons and other morose motifs. In a culture currently obsessed with rock aesthetics, Edwin Vonholy is ahead of its time and is a key player, creating chaotic, often profane flips of popular Art and original designs. Their appreciation of trap life and hip-hop run deep.

The brand has quickly gaining popularity on social media, thanks to its offhand, random approach to design. Still operating on a small, independent level, Edwin Vonholy appeal lies in its rejection of all things pristine (including its cheeky, crudely designed promotion), on par with the attitude of popular skate brands. So far it must be working…

Chinatown Market

Inspired by New York’s historic Canal Street, Michael Cherman’s Chinatown Market is a new brand built on parody aesthetic. Incorporating pop culture’s past and present, Chinatown Market is truly Kim Kardashian millennial brand – from the “Click Bait,” tee to logo rips of Fruit of the Loom and Blockbuster, CM’s ubiquitous smiley face has been popping up everywhere.

Chinatown Market’s most recent drop is an HBX-exclusive, heavily referencing some classic cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Felix the Cat, and The Pink Panther. The brand’s quick wit and nostalgia-inducing items are sure to remind you of simpler times.

Fear of God

It’s been a big year for Fear of God – from collaborations with KITH, Vans, Jay-Z, Offset, and now the forthcoming partnership with Nike, Jerry Lorenzo’s FOG is one of the coolest brands around right now. Rumors of the Nike collaboration were swirling around the internet, but Lorenzo confirmed the partnership just a few days ago.

Inspired by the 90’s grunge scene, FOG’s items merge punk, skate and hip-hop influences. Popular items include satin varsity jackets, flannel shirts, plaid pants, distressed denim, and a broad selection of cozy wear.

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