Top 5 things every man should have in their closet

1. A black Leather Jacket

A black leather jacket can go with almost everything, and can easily go together with any style. A black leather jacket can be paired over a white formal shirt, worn over a well fitted black trousers, worn over a pair of black toe pointing formal shoes, to give you a nice semi formal look, but changing the black trousers to slim fitted jeans or ripped jeans are also a nice choice to give you an edgy bad boy look, to give you and overall nice casual look to go out with the boys, or even for a nice day at church. These are just a few examples of how creative you can get with just one black leather jacket.

2. A Black Blazer

This is standard, every man should have a blazer in their closet. Even if you are not the formal type, a blazer is the easiest thing a man could wear to instantly give him self a look that anybody would appreciate, like the black leather jacket, you can pair a black blazer over any kind of T-shirt, paired along with either shorts, with a pair of boat shoes to give you an overall good casual look, or just go for the classic full on suit, I mean, you can't go wrong with a suit.

3. Black Formal Shoes

I know a few people might feel like, wearing formal shoes are only for the work place, and formal functions, and might seem a bit to serious for some people... GET OVER IT. A formal shoe is as much a best friend as a man is to his pet dog, I mean what are you going to wear to your job interview? And a suit worn with sneakers is blasphemy, And people will always take you more seriously, than a man wearing a pair of flip flops : /

4. A Tie

I know this goes with out saying, but like the pair of formal shoes, as a man, a tie is like wearing a black belt to a fist fight, it's not always necessary but it looks good none the less, but if you're tired of wearing a tie, I like to wear a nice Cravate tie, a Cravte tie is a nice bridge between being formal and casual, it looks good with almost everything, especially if it's worn within a white shirt, worn with a brown leather jacket, worn with a pair of denim jeans... Side note - Wear with ripped blue denim jeans... You're welcome.

5. Denim Jean

I don't think there is a single human being on earth, that does not have a pair of denim jeans, but... It must be said, incase you were wondering if there is a life without a pair of denim jeans, I am here to tell you, there isn't, but because it is such a popular item for both male and female, people can take it for granted, so try to mix it up by have as many different type of denim jeans, but as a man you must have at least one pair of black jeans, and one pair of blue denim jeans, and for a little bit of edge, ripped jeans are a cool edition, but try not to buy jeans that don't fit you... I can't serious this enough.

So there you go, obviously there is a lot more things I believe every man should have in the closet, but to avoid this post from being too long, we'll stick to just 5, for now, but maybe next time I will extend the list.

So with that being said... You're welcome....

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