Who’s the Next Off-White™?

Edwin Vonholy

Edwin Vonholy grabs inspiration from fashion runways and the edge of the street. Alternating between tropical, geometric surrealism, and black-and-white graphics, what’s great about Edwin Vonholy is that the brand doesn’t hesitate to call on different styles while still staying true to a world of its own.

Edwin Vonholy has maintained its uniqueness by combining fashion with clever art, photography, and branding, including skeletons and other morose motifs. In a culture currently obsessed with rock aesthetics.

Edwin Vonholy is ahead of its time and is a key player, creating chaotic, often profane flips of popular Art and original designs. Their appreciation of trap life and hip-hop run deep.

The brand has quickly gaining popularity on social media, thanks to its offhand, random approach to design. Still operating on a small, independent level, Edwin Vonholy appeal lies in its rejection of all things pristine (including its cheeky, crudely designed promotion), on par with the attitude of popular skate brands. So far it must be working…


ALYX is a somewhat obvious choice given the connection between designer Matthew Williams and Abloh. With both having worked on Been Trill together, Matthew William’s ALYX has been decidedly lower key than Off-White™ while still existing in the same universe.

One of the key measures why ALYX is positioned to replace Off-White™ is its ability to create signature pieces. Williams’s imprint has achieved this with its popular rollercoaster belts and chest-rig bags, both of which are frequently worn by music artists and fashion influencers.

The brand has also taken more progressive steps in recent seasons and now it has a collaboration with Nike – the partnership provides the brand affordable price points for those who can’t afford mainline ALYX products. The Nike partnership has been a tactic also used by Virgil Abloh which has propelled his name and label to near-pop-culture status. However, only time will tell if the same results will happen for Williams and ALYX.


Magazines have long-wanted to diversify their revenue streams but 032c has been successful doing it as both a fashion publication and a purveyor of style items and accessories. 63 worldwide stockists carry 032c apparel alone. The clothing started out as a side-project, specializing in socks with Germanic humorous quotes that bore sayings like “remove before sex.” Small tongue-in-cheek goods such as lighters, duct tape and music tour merch have also been the brand’s bread and butter.

Last year, however, 032c rolled out an ambitious fashion show at a grand museum in Florence. The imprint brought out dancers, models and a video of hooligans singing Savage Garden’s “Truly Madly Deeply.” It was a memorable move and one that puts the 032c name amongst the list of highly-trending labels. Of all the brands involved in this list, 032c probably has the furthest to go in terms of design but it’s already got the streetwear/fashion worlds under its ink-sodden thumbs.

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